Santiago de Querétaro
Branding | Art Direction | UX/UI

Santiago de Querétaro is a city that is growing quickly and is beginning to attract more tourists. It is a place full of history, culture and adventure and I wanted to highlight that in the rebrand of this beautiful city located in Mexico. The goal is mostly to educate both tourists and new arrivals to the city on what Querétaro has to offer and why it's significant to Mexican history.
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The 17th century Spanish textile patterns and the historic churches located in Querétaro are what I looked at for inspiration in order to create the logo. Keeping in mind that it's a city that is growing quickly, has history that is very significant to Mexico and is a huge tourist attraction, I wanted to develop an app that would help guide and educate tourists but also make their time in Querétaro worthwhile.

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When first time users download the app and open it, it notifies them of key features such as a questionnaire for trip personalization and offline access.
Users are given the option to either login if they are returning users or to register if they're a first time user.
The questionnaire is optional and was created to help personalize the trip to Querétaro based on the users interests and/or if they're traveling with others.
After completing the quiz, they receive their results. The results provide them with a variety of locations to visit and activities based on their responses. The results are saved and can be found in the profile tab for future reference.
The chats tab is beneficial when it comes to a group planning a trip. The chat being within the app also allows for better organization.
Trips that are still in the process of planning and any past trips to Querétaro can be found here. This is also where users can download offline maps for navigation when they find themselves without a connection.
Users who want to search any spots or events in Querétaro can do so in the explore tab. Here users can also find the filter option for further personalization on their trip.