Dropbox Focus
Art Direction | UX/UI
Meet the Team

Nayeli Coronado: Logo creation,  logo animation, editing UI, social media, promotional video
Haley Prieto: TV display, TV display on desktop
Vanessa Kerr: Onboarding UI, Desktop UI
Sarah Halmon: Illustrations, social media
Photography from Unsplash.com


The goal was to design a more simple and accessible editing tool provided within a storage app. Giving the user more control over editing, sharing and saving by simply using Dropbox. Creating an extension would help keep all their photos stored and organized in one place they can trust. It would store those memorable moments they cherish and want to keep safe forever.

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Mobile App
Whether you are a first time user or not, once you open the Dropbox app, you are shown some of the benefits of signing up.
For an easy sign-in, Dropbox Focus only asks for your name and email to make an account.
Manage Preferences
After signing up, you have the option to make everything manual for a more personalized organization, or let us detect it all for you without you lifting a finger.
Home Page
Now that you have a new account with nothing on it, Dropbox reminds you to start uploading with an access to your photos.
Home Screen
After setting up the mobile app, the home screen will give you two options of how you want to view your photos. You can choose to view all photos or view your organized albums.
Once an album is selected, you are able to view the photos in the album and edit your photos.
The editing tool in Dropbox Focus provides filters and tools that allow you to save and share your favorite looks and can quickly help you make any photo flawless.
You can then share your photo through social media platforms, email, airdrop or save it to your phones photo app or even better saving it onto Dropbopx Focus!
Smart TV App
Dropbox Focus’s Instagram is designed with the concept of nostalgia in mind to give the users a more personal experience with photography and short promotional videos. We provide tips of photo organization to help them keep what's important safe and organized.